City Brows model with a before and after eyebrow microbladed.

At City Brows we believe that its is very important that you know from your Eyebrows technician what is involved if you want your eyebrows microbladed. So the following has been written so you will know, before making a booking, what to expect. This simple step by step guide has been created to assure you that the design of your brows will be what you want, as well as what to expect on your appointment.



During your initial visit your natural eyebrows will be discussed. We will take a look at your natural eyebrow shape and decide on the shape and the fullness you would like to achieve. It would be a great help if you arrive with your eyebrows made up in the shape you normally have them, so we can see what you like. Don’t worry if your not sure we still can decide on the shape together, you could bring pictures of celebrities who eyebrows you admire, just bare in mind that their face shape is similar to yours.  Once we have finished and settle on the shape and the fullness of your brows we will remove any makeup are then examined what we need to do. We might need to take photos so we can refer once we have finished.